What Started the Butterfly Garden Series?


5/23/20221 min read

After posting this painting on social media (without the flower to censor it) I got my post removed for violation of guidelines. I was really disappointed that a painting portraying a subject so natural was so rapidly removed. Initially, I thought about covering all the painting with flowers, as I did with this one, but I didn't want to take away something in order to be accepted, so instead of taking away I added colors… and this series was born... during the dark days of Covid-19 as everyone was struggling to adjust to the changes to make their life bearable. I thought about a magical, colorful and oneiric place to take a rest and be reenergized. These are small paintings 5x7 and I would like to see them exhibited on a wall in a number of 50 or more. I would also consider doing some on a bigger canvas as a side project. This series is a work in progress.